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Banff National Park Trails
A little  View from Stoney Squaw Mountain Human flag pole On top of Stoney Squaw Mountain
Stoney Squaw Mountain - 2.2km
This mountain is 6180' high. Although higher than Tunnel Mountain, the hike is shorter due to an uphill drive to the Norquay Ski Area - the trailhead, and less inclined. The view has less to offer as well.
Overlooking the town of Banff Banff Springs Golf Course
Tunnel Mountain - 2.4km
This short hike takes you to a 5500' summit with an excellent view of the town and its surrounding peaks.
Snow covered Boom Lake Trail Frozen Boom Lake Boom Lake
Boom Lake Trail - 5.4km
The trailhead is located at about 8km south of hwy1 on hwy93. Its a very fulfilling hike to a very loud lake. Somehow I get the idea that this name came from the echoes of avalanches and thunder you hear on the premises.
Steel catwalk The path enters small tunnels Frozen falls
Johnston Canyon - 3.2km
On the way to our ski trip in Lake Louise, we stopped by Johnston Canyon. There were still a lot of tourists despite of the freezing weather, most of them were guided. The hike starts of with a normal trail, the rest of the way is then supported by a steel catwalk. The image of the frozen waterfalls was very beautiful.
Cave Basin Tunnel
Cave and Basin - $4
This historic site is apparently the birthplace of Canada's National Park system. Get ready on your entry 'cause around you is about to get stinky.
TeePee Banff Ave Cascade Gardens Pavillion
Cascade Gardens
Cascade Gardens is right at the end of Banff Ave., downtown. The Garden is often blooming with beautiful flowers in June... to get ready for weddings.

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