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Brachiopod Mountain 2667m/8750'

Scrambling with Ian Cameron

Area: Skoki Area
Height gain: 410m/1345'
Ascent date: Sep 7, 2005
Ascent time: 1:30hrs From Anthozoan Mtn.
Comment: Easy scramble

Brachiopod Mountain
Day 1. After arriving at the Hidden Lake Campground (sk5), we immediately unpacked, set-up our camp then, planned the scramble. We started with an ascent to Anthozoan Mountain, then a traverse to Brachiopod Mountain. The approach was a little bit long from sk5 but the scenery along the way was awesome. Our roundtrip camp to camp time took 6:30 hours.

Day 2. Our planned trip for this day was an ascent to Mt. Richardson, a traverse to Pika Peak, and another traverse to Ptarmigan Peak. The weather was not what anybody would want to have on an outing like this. We had a mixture of rain, hale, and snow. Our overall roundtrip time was a very painful 11:15hrs.
Brachiopod Mountain from the col Working our way up the false summit Ian gaining the ridge
We gained the south ridge of Brachiopod Mountain from the col after coming back from Anthozoan Mountain.
Ian chose to angle a bit towards the center of the ridge to avoid unnecessary elevation gain. The terrain was still easy at this point.
On the ridge Ascending rubble slope Some quite challenging scrambles
Approaching the summit On the summit of Brachiopod Mountain Leaving Brachiopod Mountain
We had a bit of a challenge when we got closer to the summit.
(2) It took us 1:30hrs to reach the summit from Anthozoan. The weather for the whole day was a bit windy and chilly, very cloudy but the view was still awesome.
(3) On our descent, we went straight down the west slope of the summit. Then we hiked along the meadows and met-up with the trail along Ptarmigan Lake.
We were back to the campground in 2hrs. We had about an hour of sunlight left to have dinner and get ready for bed. A good night is what we intended to have, for our Day 2 scramble

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