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Buchanan Peak 2692m/8832'

Scrambling with the RMB Peakbaggers

Area: Waterton Lakes
Height gain: Peak - 796m/2612'
Height gain: Ridge - 974m/3196'
Ascent date: Sep 24, 2005
Ascent time: Peak - 2:15hrs From Mt. Alderson
Ascent time: Ridge - 1:00hr From Buchanan Peak
Comment: Moderate scramble for this traverse

Buchanan Peak (right) and Buchanan Ridge
When I learned that my group's scramble was not gonna happen, I immediately focused on details on the RMB webboard for the RMB Peakbaggers' planned traverse.
I arrived early morning in Waterton hoping that the plan was still to meet at Cameron Lake. I was very excited but also very nervous, because nobody knew that I was coming. I thought maybe they stopped sending messages on the webboard and continued their communication via email. I was afraid I might have missed a change of plan. Soon, I was greeted by Linda Breton and more and more people started ariving. I was relieved that the plan was still on.
I introduced myself, and they were nice enough to include me as part of their team on this trip despite my unexpected arrival.

Here's the itinerary for this trip:
Mt. Alderson -> Buchanan Peak -> Buchanan Ridge -> Mt. Carthew

Our overall car to car time was 11.75hrs.
Vern and Kelly descending the summit ridge of Mt. Alderson Descending Mt. Alderson Carthew Lake
(1) Here's Vern and Kelly descending the summit ridge of Mt. Alderson.
(2) This is our route down from Mt. Alderson. It would've been an easy way down if there wasn't any hard snow.
The ascent route to Buchanan Peak via the Falls was suggested to us by Bob Spirko.
Beautiful colours of Waterton Ascending Buchanan Peak Approaching the ridge
(1) A beautiful but not-so-good-news end-of-season colours of Waterton on our way to the Falls. Our route up follows the ridge just above the treeline
(2) Here's a close-up look at the start of the ridge.
We met up with Sonny and James at the lakes. We then hike down to the Falls to gain our ascent ridge to Buchanan. It was a huge amount of elevation loss from Alderson, but it was the only way of doing it to complete our trip.
(3) Approaching the ridge.
Sonny Bou on the ridge to Buchanan Peak James on the ridge crest On Buchanan Peak
(1) Sonny Bou on the ridge to Buchanan Peak.
(2) James on the ridge crest.
(3) On Buchanan Peak in 2.25hrs from Mt. Alderson.
On our way to the higher Buchanan Ridge Buchanan Ridge On Buchanan Ridge Highest Point
(1) On our way to the higher Buchanan Ridge. Since we're gonna be passing Buchanan Ridge on our way to Mt. Carthew, we decided to summit it as well.
(3) Buchanan Ridge in 1hr from Buchanan Peak. This was considered our third of four summits of the day.

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