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Cascade Mountain

Scrambling with Ian Cameron

Area: Banff National Park
Height gain: 1325m/4347'
Ascent date: July 30, 2004
Ascent time: 3:30hrs
Descent time: 2:30hrs
Comment: Moderate scramble

Cascade Mountain
The trail didn't seem to make sense from the resort. We just simply followed the road/ski trail (passing two lifts). Trail signs to Cascade Amphitheatre were more visible on this route. Closer to the Amphitheatre, there were numerous trails available to gain the ridge. We followed each and everyone of them to avoid unnecessary backtracks, especially on hunchbacks. It was a busy mountain and we were not alone throughout. Our round-trip time had a total of 6hrs.
Cascade Mountain Ian on the ridge Amphitheatre Approaching the Summit of Cascade Mountain On the Summit of Cascade Mountain

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