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Cataract Creek Campground - Cataract Creek Recreation Center

It felt a little secluded when we drove down hwy940, but I was still worried that we might have ran out of site already. We arrived at around 6pm Friday, and the campground was completely a ghost town. In here comes the difficulty in finding a site, nothing is good enough when there are so many choices. The cost to camp here was $17/night, self-registration, dry toilets, and the only water pump was located at the entrance.

Our itinerary for this trip includes hiking to the top of Mt. Burke. The parking area and the trailhead are just outside the campground. Also a part of this trip was a hike up to an active fire lookout on top of Raspberry Ridge. We were both grateful for the sunny weather throughout this trip... and for not getting sick from the cold nights.

At the end of this trip, and after getting back from Raspberry Ridge, we stopped by Sentinel Recreation Area for lunch. I wanted to hike to the Cataract Creek Lower Falls, but you have to cross/wade/ford this creek. So, after re-thinking all the sacrifices my wife had done for me already, I just called it quits here and we went home.
Cataract Creek Campground Cataract Creek Campground Mt. Burke Raspberry Ridge Taking a dip in Cataract Creek Cataract Creek

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Updated: January 9, 2014 Author: Kajtek S