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Fairview Mountain 2745m/9005'

Scrambling with my wife

Area: Lake Louise Area
Height gain: 1000m/3281'
Ascent date: Sep 25, 2004
Ascent time: 3:00hrs
Descent time: 2:00hrs
Comment: Easy scramble

Fairview Mountain
Fairview Mountain as seen from Lake Louise Campground Saddleback and Fairview's South-East wall Heading towards the saddleback
(1) This is Fairview Mountain as seen from Lake Louise Campground. The smaller peak to the left is the Saddle Peak 7993'.
From the upper parking lot at Lake Louise, simply follow the Saddleback Trail to get behind Fairview. Saddleback Peak becomes visible, and Fairview's southeast wall. Closer to Saddleback, we started seeing more and more people.
Saddleback On top of Fairview Mountain On the summit of Fairview Mountain with Mt. Victoria behind us
We reached the summit after hiking for about three hours.
We spent a good amount of time at the summit waiting for Mt. Temple to be cloud free but it never happened. We had a great view of Mount Victoria and the glaciers though.

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