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Gap Mountain 2667m/8750'

Solo Scramble

Area: Elbow and Kananaskis Valley
Height gain: 780m/2559'
Ascent date: Aug 18, 2005
Ascent time: 2:15hrs
Descent time: 1:00hr
Comment: Moderate scramble

Gap Mountain
Misty parking lot The gully I used to ascend Gap Mountain Some awkward steps in the gully
(1) A chilly day to start scrambling. My main purpose of choosing this mountain is to take photos of Mt. Indefatigable.
After consulting my map, I realized I might have passed the trailhead already (described in Kane's book) so I just went into the forest and followed this drainage. I knew it would still lead me to the pass anyway.
On the Pass Approaching the summit Summit Ridge
(1) I emerged very closely to the objective when I gained the pass ("V" on title photo). This bit is just above the pass... see if you can spot Waldo.
The crux here was just a little bit of exposure. It was not a "straight down" drop and it requires only a few steps but the rocks are quite loose. A fall could still badly hurt. Here's the ridge to one of the false summits. About the view, you don't have to wait until you reach the summit to enjoy it.
On the summit of Gap Mountain North Peak of Gap Mountain Full view of Upper and Lower Kananaskis Lakes
(1) I'm beginning to dislike these Centennial Registers. The canister's "lip" is narrower than the inside so its hard to take the thick book out. It's a good thing the old register was still there.
(2) I continued to the North Peak to get a better shot of Mt. Indefatigable and the northern panorama. The weather warmed up, but low clouds still covered some of the higher surrounding peaks.
(3) Full view of Upper and Lower Kananaskis Lakes.
I descended via Kane's ascent route (?) and I felt relieved I did not take it going up. The drainage is narrower, it has more water flowing and if you try to avoid it, you'll hit a scree/dirt/muddy slope. It's perfect for descending the mountain but definitely not for ascending it. My route up, at least had a lot of rocks to step on and the rocks work out to be like a staircase in most areas. Plus, closer to the road on my descent, I found myself deep into the forest. I am very paranoid about bears, and I hate being alone in the bushes. I nearly lost my voice yodelling.

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