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Grotto Mountain 2706m/8878'

Solo Scramble

Area: Canmore and Bow Valley
Height gain: 1425m/4675'
Ascent date: Oct 29, 2004
Ascent time: 5:00hrs
Descent time: 3:00hrs
Comment: Easy

Grotto Mountain
This hike took me three hours to gain the ridge, another two to the summit. It felt like a never ending switchback and a never ending ridge. When I reached the ridge, I just couldn't believe how far I still had to go.
At the final stretch to the summit, the wind was just so intolerable. I had to literally crawl on my knees and hope for the wind to calm down.
The other side of the ridge is the a way down to the cave. Grotto Mountain is a killer hike but the view is worth the effort.
The snow-capped summit of Grotto Mountain Summit ridge On the summit of Grotto Mountain Enjoying the cold summit The other side of the ridge, a way down to the cave

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