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Gusty Peak 3000m/9843'

Solo Scramble

Area: Smith-Dorrien Area
Height gain: 1100m/3609'
Ascent date: Aug 05, 2005
Ascent time: 2:00hrs From The Fortress
Descent Time: 2:30hrs
Comment: Easy scramble

Gusty Peak
This trip is part of my 2-peak day scramble. I started with The Fortress, then worked my way up to the neighbouring summit Gusty Peak. The weather was almost perfect. Pure sun, deep blue sky but with chilly strong wind. My overall roundtrip took 8 hours.
Rubbly ascent to Gusty Peak Approaching the summit Gusty Peak Summit Ridge
After lunch and a much needed rest at The Fortress, I headed back down to the col... sneezing.
This is the way up to the summit. If you look at the title photo, this slope looks very steep and exposed. The challenge here is to not lose your balance (and patience) while trudging up the rubble. This is the moment when I started feeling weak and had to do 10 baby steps at a time... sneezing.
Strolling on the summit ridge On Gusty Peak Mt. Assiniboine from Gusty Peak
It took me 2hrs to reach the summit of Gusty Peak from The Fortress. The wind up here was strong and cold.
I walked back and forth on the summit ridge to look for the register but I couldn't find it. The summit cairn wasn't so much of a cairn either. Anywho, what matters is I got to the top despite the mucous build-up.
Some good scree section for descent Looking back towards Chester Lake Chester Lake
Going down on the rubble was not very pleasant at all. Luckily I managed to find some good scree sections which helped me lighten the load off my knees.
It was such a relief to get back to a soft trail again. My trip back to the car from Gusty Peak took 2:30hrs.

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