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Hidden Lake sk5 Campground - Skoki Area
Here's our itinerary for this 3-day backpacking trip:
On the first day we arrive at the campground, we would start with a traverse to Anthozoan Mountain, then a traverse to Brachiopod Mountain. On the second day, our planned trip would be an ascent to Mt. Richardson, a traverse to Pika Peak, and another traverse to Ptarmigan Peak. Our third day plan to ascend Mt. Redoubt unfortunately didn't happen due to an unforgiving weather.

Access to Hidden Lake sk5 Campground is from the Fish Creek Trailhead right by Ski Louise. Hike or hitch-hike on the 3.8km Temple Fire Road to Temple Day Lodge. After reaching the lodge, we hiked the remaining 4km to the campground. The cost to camp here was $9/night (plus $8 park fee at Banff gate), registration was at Lake Louise Information Center, dry toilets, picnic tables, and the water source is nearby.

The weather was very nice when we arrived to the camp. Very warm. Very promising.
There's another campground available in the area which is in Baker Lake, about 6kms farther from Hidden Lake Campground. We passed by this area on the way to our first peak of the day, Anthozoan Mountain.
Hidden Lake is about 2km hike from the campground. Here is where we started our day 2 trip.

We woke up on our third day with heavy rain. The weather soon got colder and colder and we started experiencing hale and heavy snow. After having breakfast in the tent, we just decided to pack-up and hit the road.
We hitch-hiked on the 3.8km Temple Fire Road to Temple Day Lodge Still hiking on the road to the campground Hiking the remaining 4km to sk5 Crossing a bridge and meeting with day hikers Hidden Lake sk5 Campground
Our camp was all set and we're ready to scramble Baker Lake Hidden Lake We woke up with hale and snow It was unfortunate to lose a day of scrambling

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Updated: January 9, 2014 Author: Kajtek S