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Lake Louise Tent Campground - Lake Louise
Like some of our favourite cold weather campgrounds, this place offers hot water.
Lake Louise Tent Campground is surrounded by an electric fence for bear protection. After strolling within the vicinity of safety, we hiked outside the fence along the Bow river to get a glimpse of Mt. Temple. I saw many tourists feeding wildlife at both Louise and Moraine lakes. These creatures are so used to being fed by humans they'll approach you with no hesitation at all. At Moraine Lake, a number of trails were restricted to a group of six or more hikers because this area is frequented by bears. We couldn't do a lot of hiking in this area. I planned to climb the Tower of Babel 7740' but unfortunately the trail up was within a restricted area.
Lake Louise Tent Campground Mt. Temple as seen from the campground Lake Louise Well fed Chipmunk Moraine Lake Tower of Babel

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Updated: January 9, 2014 Author: Kajtek S