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Lake Louise Trails
On the Little Beehive Trail around Lake Agnes Lake Agnes and the Tea House
Little Beehive - 2210m/7250'
We took my wife's brother Matt to Little Beehive on a chilly day. The best part here was a side trip to the falls, and an enjoyable stay at the Tea House.
My wife and I came back to this area after our trip to Yoho National Park. We hiked up to the Big Beehive and the Devil's Thumb.
Switchback trail to Big Beehive Little Beehive and Big Beehive over Lake Agnes Hut on Big Beehive
Big Beehive - 2270m/7448'
From the Tea House, hike along the right side of Lake Agnes to the switchbacks.
Canada Day may not be the best day to visit this place. The traffic on the road... and on the trail was brutal.
My wife was still in the verge of gaining her energy back from our camping trip, so she stayed at the hut and let me off to solo the Devil's Thumb.
Devil's Thumb On top of Devil's Thumb overlooking Lake Louise Lake Louise
Devil's Thumb - 2457m/8062'
This is the Thumb from the Big Beehive trail.
At the final hike-up to Big Beehive (signed), walk towards the opposite direction, and round the Thumb to the left. The trail is also well used and easy to follow. At the ridge though, you might want to ditch the trek poles and use your hands instead to dance around the boulders.

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Updated: January 9, 2014 Author: Kajtek S