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Mist Mountain 3140m/10302'

Scrambling with Ian Cameron

Area: The Highwood
Height gain: 1050m/3445'
Ascent date: Oct 8, 2004
Ascent time: 3:00hrs from Mt. Lipsett
Descent time: 5:30hrs
Comment: Difficult scramble

Mist Mountain(M) Mt. Lipsett(L)
This is Mist Mountain as seen from Mt. Lipsett Going through the flaky ridges Ian fighting with the wind on the summit ridge
(1) This is Mist Mountain as seen from Mt. Lipsett. True summit is behind the jagged pinnacles (middle skyline).
(2) Despite the disagreement between Ian's left foot and Lipsett's loose rocks, we tackled the flaky ridges, up and down the pinnacles, instead of threadmilling on rubble/scree slope in gullies.
(3) The wind was so brutal on this climb. It knocked me down a few times. Here we see Ian fighting with the wind on the summit ridge.
On the summit of Mist Mountain The North-West ridge Descending Mist Mountain
(1) At the summit, we could barely stand still. I had to bury part of my tripod to take this shot.
It took us 5:30hrs to do the whole Lipsett/Mist traverse. On our descend we thought of scrambling through the North-West ridge... but the wind, the chill, the time, and the left foot, it was for the best(?) to head back to a familiar trail. The bad news was, it took us 3:30hrs just to get back down the col. The sun was already gone when we hit the valley. We had to hike back to the car in the dark for another 2hrs.

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