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Mt. Baldy 2192m/7192

Scrambling with Alex Ingamells

Area: Canmore and Bow Valley
Height gain: 800m/2625'
Ascent date: Mar 11, 2005
Ascent time: 2:00hrs
Descent time: 4:30hrs Including Traverse
Comment: Moderate scramble

Mt. Baldy
Our first trip to Mt. Baldy First Crux on Mt. Baldy gendarme
(1) Here's our first trip to Mt. Baldy. My wife and I only got to the crux then we turned back. We had enough of the cold and ice.
(2) Almost exactly a year later, I came back with Alex. We planned this trip to do the traverse, and with no indication of a good ridge condition, we took our gear with us.
(3) This is the gendarme, what most people avoid and just hike at the bottom-right of it. Gotta give art a credit. At the bottom of the first pic, there's a pretty cool bench.
On the summit of Mt. Baldy Connecting ridge to the South (left) and West summits On our way to the South Peak
(1) We reached the summit after 2hrs of steep hiking. Notice my shirt and pants ballooning. The wind was so strong from the ridge up, we could barely keep our balance.
(2) This is the connecting ridge to the South (left) and West summits.
(3) After about 15mins, we headed for our next journey. On the way for the Mt. Baldy Traverse to South and West Peaks.
Ridge to the South Peak Our rapel site Mt. Baldy's South Peak
After a short hike from the true summit of Mt. Baldy, we came across another crux. There was a way to get around it but with snow and ice, we just decided to rappel down.
It took us a while to find a safe anchor, but the rappel was sure fun and worth doing. The ridge was dry at this point. We didn't encounter anymore difficulties except for the wind.
(3) Cairn from the South Peak (left). It took us half an hour from when we rappeled.
Ridge to the West Peak Some fun scramble Mt. Baldy's West Peak
(1) Here's the ridge to the West Peak. You lose and gain more elevation here than to the South Peak. The crux to this point is only when you come face to face with the final ascent.
(2) We tackled this so called "boogey wall" on the right. We went up and down small cracks until we reached a decent gully.
(3) At the West Peak, rain clouds started rolling to our direction. We signed the register, took some more pictures, then descended directly towards the highway where we parked

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