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Mt. Burke 2542m/8340'

Hiking with my wife

Area: Cataract Creek
Height gain: 880m/2887'
Ascent date: Apr 28, 2005
Ascent time: 3:00hrs
Descent time: 1:30hrs
Comment: Easy hike

Mt. Burke
Park just outside the Cataract Creek Recreation Center Campground Signed trail Going through the switchbacks
(1) Park just outside the Cataract Creek Recreation Center Campground then head towards the small lonely tree on the bottom right... the trail head.
(2) The trail is faint in the beginning but gets clearer as you get closer to and passed the dried creek. Cairns are clearly in placed. At this point of the journey, you've already reached the begining of the switchback. Look out for this sign
(3) Going through the switchbacks.
Above the treeline on Mt. Burke Mt. Burke's rubble slope Last push to the summit
The trail is very easy going on this hike. The switchback is not very steep at all. A little bit passed the treeline, you'll get a glimpse of where you're heading.
At this point we also saw a couple more hikers on the ridge and four more already on top. As we were heading out too, another couple just arrived to hike as well. It was a beautiful busy day.
Cameron Fire Lookout It was a very nice day on the summit of Mt. Burke Having our lunch inside Cameron Fire Lookout
On top of Mt. Burke is a former Cameron Fire Lookout.
Surprisingly, everybody just snooped around the Lookout then sat outside for a snack. Well, it was getting too cold and windy for me so I invited my wife in for lunch.

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