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Mt. Chester 3054m/10020'

Solo Scramble

Area: Smith-Dorrien Area
Height gain: 1150m/3773'
Ascent date: Aug 25, 2005
Ascent time: 4:00hrs
Descent time: 2:30hrs
Comment: Moderate scramble

Mt. Chester
Mt. Chester as first seen from the trail Hikers heading to Chester Lake Looking towards Commonwealth Peak
This is Mt. Chester as first seen from the trail. I caught-up with a bunch of hikers at this point heading to the lake.
It was a busy Thursday. A bunch of people were already fishing at the lake when I arrived. I crossed a log bridge on the right before the lake, entered the forest, then slowly hiked up the gully.
Mt. Chester ascent gully Ascent gully nearing the col Mt. Chester col
Here's the ascent gully and the col. The fresh snow was ankle to calf deep at times.
I checked the book when I reached the col. I noticed from the picture, that the ascent from the col to the summit is twice as long as the ascent from the forest to the col. I got worried about the time because it has already taken me long to reach the col.
On the summit of Mt. Chester Looking towards Mt. Assiniboine Looking towards the Burstall Lakes
It did take me long, and without the summit in sight, the ascent was such a drag.
The view from the summit was very rewarding though. It replaced the frustration from having to go through the long approach to this mountain and the long ascent to the summit.
CallMeJoe 2013/09/26 21:29:30 EDT Reply
I like hiking there to Chester Lake. It's such a peaceful place.

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