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Mt. Cory 2808m/9212'

Scrambling with Alex Ingamells

Area: Banff National Park
Height gain: 1370m/4495'
Ascent date: May 20, 2005
Ascent time: 4:30hrs
Descent time: 3:30hrs
Comment: Difficult scramble

Mt. Cory
Dead trees all over Reaching the plateau Colourful rocks after the plateau
(1) We passed the correct rib, and another at this point so we decided to just hike up. Dead trees are all over the place here.
(2) After 2:30hrs of a steep hike-up, we reached the plateau. From here, the view is already magnificent. I could just stay here and be merry.
Alex standing on a diseased rockface Jagged rocks on the ridge Good scrambles on the ridge of Mt. Cory
(1) Alex standing on a diseased rockface.
(3) At this point, the first summit shows up. It looks like bad news but it was actually doable. There's a lot of good scramble on this ridge, which makes this mountain one of my favourites.
Fun scrambling towards the summit On the summit of Mt. Cory Cornice to the second summit
(1) Fun scrambling towards the summit.
(2) We spent about 2:00hrs on the ridge before reaching the summit. The weather was good, not too cold and not windy at all.
(3) This is the cornice that stopped us from proceeding to the second summit. The two summits are equally high, therefore I claim this as a success.
On our descent, we went to the right of the approach rib and had a blast scree/rubble skiing. Our return trip took us 3:30hrs.

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