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Mt. Edith 2554m/8381'

Solo Scramble

Area: Banff National Park
Height gain: 1120m/3674'
Ascent date: July 22, 2005
Ascent time: 3:00hrs to north, 30mins to center, 1:00hr to south
Descent time: 2:30hrs from the south summit
Comment: Difficult scramble

Mt. Edith
 Mt. Edith's north summit Approaching Mt. Edith Ascent Gully Inside the gully
(1) I realized I was gonna go solo this day so I chose a high traffic trail. This is Mt. Edith's north summit just minutes before Cory Pass.
I was ready to ascend a gully when Dave from Connecticut asked me to ascend this gully instead (right) so he could take a picture and a scale. I'm tiny but I barely fit. The right photo was taken from inside the gully.
On the North Summit of Mt. Edith My route to the center summit Jagged ridge of Mt. Edith
(1) 3:00hrs to north(n) summit. One scary gap has to be crossed to access the register. I guess Dave didn't bother doing this 'cause his name was not on the register.
(2) Here's my route to the center summit. From the col (center of photo), I traversed to the left then angled up a broad gully to gain the top. The traverse was a little bit exposed and there were a lot of loose rocks.
On the Center Summit of Mt. Edith My route to the south summit A steep drop from the center summit
(1) 30mins to center(c) summit. The clouds were starting to look really ugly so I didn't stay long on top.
(2) Here's a closer look at my route to the south summit. The tunnel described in the book is at the right of center (I think). I didn't see/take it on my way up. At the top of the tunnel, I noticed quite a number of cairns. Some are lined up to my right (as per Kane) but the cairns lined up to my left seemed more direct so I took this route instead.
Mt. Edith On the South Summit of Mt. Edith The tunnel I took on my way back
(2) 1:00hr to south(s) summit. The sun started shining again at this point and I was glad to have done all three summits. The register contained a photocopy of what I think is a rock climbing route. It describes the return trip as what I took on my way up. No wonder there were cairns.
(3) This is the tunnel I took on my way back to the col. It was fast and easy. Soon enough, I was back at the Cory Pass Trail. My total descent time was 2:30hrs.

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