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Mt. Galatea 3185m/10450'

Scrambling with Ian Cameron, Alex Ingamells and Justin Martial

Area: Smith-Dorrien Area
Height gain: 1280m/4199'
Ascent date: Sep 10, 2004
Ascent time: Incomplete
Comment: Moderate scramble

Mt. Galatea
The Mt. Galatea Peakbaggers at Chester Lake Parking Lot Elephant Rocks Mt. Galatea pass the Elephant Rocks
At Chester Lake, the trail angles to the left and enters the Three Lakes Valley. You'll be welcomed by the jainormous "Elephant Rocks".
Getting close to the foot of the mountain Preparing for the ascent Faking the victory
Crawling on deep snow most of the way Having trouble gaining the ridge Mt. Galatea Summit Ridge
After leaving the valley, Mt. Galatea becomes visible and the approach, seems impossible.
Well, thank god for ice axe. To gain the ridge, we had to hike through knee-deep of fresh snow - note to self: get waterproof boots!
We gained the ridge alright, but we got stuck about a few meters to the top. We tried and tried, we couldn't do it. Unsafe condition made this climb unsuccessful. We had fun on our way down though. Except a bunch of rocks busted our asses while glissading down the snow.

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