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Mt. Indefatigable 2545m/8350'

Scrambling with my wife

Area: Kananaskis Lakes Area
Height gain: 1000m/3281'
Ascent date: Aug 13, 2006
Ascent time: 2:30hrs
Descent time: 2:00hrs
Comment: Moderate scramble

Mt. Indefatigable North Summit
As usual on a Saturday, we sleep-in, have breakfast, then take pretty much the whole morning to decide what to do. Since my wife hadn't gone to the mountains in a while, I suggested to take her scrambling on this day... and as a treat, the mountain had to be close to a body of water as a backup trip. Mt. Indefatigable was the first to come to my mind.

We left the jam-packed parking lot at 2:30pm only to realize that I left my camera at home. I was so disappointed that I totally lost my motivation to do anything at all.
We followed the trail to Mt. Indefatigable (signed). It first enters the forest, then goes through the ridge to numerous lookouts. The views from the ridge were very beautiful, and I hated myself for leaving the camera behind. I also hated myself for being slower than the one I used to drag up the slope. I guess my legs were still beat from the Niblock/Whyte traverse Ian Cameron and I did the day before.

At the end of the "official" trail (bench), we left the crowd and headed towards the North Summit. The trail turns left just before the bench, then enters the forest again to a t-junction. We took the right turn and after a few minutes the trail reached the tarn. The objective becomes clear at this point. Mt. Indefatigable's North Summit on the left and a false summit on the right. We started seeing more people here and so I began to doubt the difficult rating of this mountain. We also met a couple hikers wanting to reach the summit as well. I contracted them to spare me a shot with their camera and they agreed to email it to me.

The trail continues to the right side of the small pond. After about a hundred steps, we took a trail on the left to gain the col. The trail straight ahead leads to the false summit (repeater), which, we later realized, is the tourists' summit. That was the camera couple's destination.

After having lunch at the col, we traversed the left side of the ridge (as per Kane) towards the final ascent gully. This gully has a lot of loose rocks and unstable hand-holds. My wife started getting worried about the possibility of a more difficult return trip, but a little bit of motivation pushed her to reach the top. This is my wife's first difficult scramble so I have to give her credit for her effort. I didn't want to push my luck with her so I chose not to traverse to the South Summit. After signing the register, we returned the same way... slowly, safely.
This trip still took us an amazing 2:30hrs ascent and 2hrs descent.
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