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Mt. Lipsett 2580m/8465'

Scrambling with Ian Cameron

Area: The Highwood
Height gain: 707m/2320'
Ascent date: Oct 8, 2004
Ascent time: 2:30hrs One way
Comment: Easy scramble

Mist Mountain(M) Mt. Lipsett(L)
Mt. Lipsett is located right beside Mist Mountain and they share the same approach.
Knowing where the trailhead would lead us, we decided to take the "Ian's Alternate Route". We hiked up Little Lipsett (false summit) and traversed towards the true summit. This traverse involves a 5.3 rock climb on a steep open gully with plenty of loose rocks. Loose rocks that almost took out a foot.
At the summit of Mt. Lipsett, we took five and preserved our energy (and the remaining good foot) for a Mist Mountain climb.
Mt. Lipsett Some fun climbing A look over Little Lipsett (right) and the true summit. Lipsett/Mist col is on the bottom left On top of Mt. Lipsett

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