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Mt. Niblock 2976m/9764'

Scrambling with Ian Cameron

Area: Lake Louise Area
Height gain: 1260m/4134'
Ascent date: Aug 12, 2005
Ascent time: 3:30hrs One way
Comment: Moderate scramble

Mt. Niblock (right) and Mt. Whyte
This trip is part of an awesome traverse with an exciting finish. We started with Mt. Niblock, then a traverse to Mt. Whyte. The weather was cloudy and cold at first but clear blue sky turned to our favour when we reached the col. Our overall roundtrip took 8:30hrs including lunch at Mt. Niblock, a lengthy stay at Mt. Whyte and an aternate descent via Plain of Six Glaciers.
Boulders and lots of boulders Lake Agnes Here's our route to gain the Niblock/Whyte col
The trail passes by the ever popular Lake Agnes and the Tea House. Surprisingly, the area was not busy.
(3) Here's the route to our objective. It took us 1:30hrs from the Tea House to the summit. It was chilly so we couldn't rest for long periods. Not a lot of stops for photos either because of the ugly clouds. We thought we would be coming back the same way anyway, so we called the extra photo-shoots off.
Fun scrambling on the walls Close up of the wall Endless opportunity to explore more challenging route
Here's Ian ascending the rock band. This bit lookes really steep from a distance.
(3) Closer to the col, I convinced Ian in ascending through this crack so I could take a picture. He wasn't happy when I went the other way to bypass it.
Mt. Niblock from the col Ridge to Mt. Niblock Ridge to Mt. Niblock
(1) This is Mt. Niblock from the col. I took this shot on our way to Mt. Whyte.
From the col, it's just an easy but fun scramble to the summit. This is also the time when the weather became nice.
Nearing the summit of Mt. Niblock Almost there On the summit of Mt. Niblock
3:30hrs up. It was a bit chilly at the top but we decided to stay and have some snacks here to enjoy the view.
Scrambling on the ridge again back to the col Ian descending with the ridge Approaching the Niblock/Whyte col
Well, the trip was not complete yet. Here's Ian descending the summit ridge back to the col. Our next objective was to scramble up Mt. Whyte.
Mike Buenting 2015/07/20 01:00:25 EDT Reply
Just did this yesterday. But went up Mt St Piran first then over to Niblock and Whyte. Did the alternate descent to plain of 6 glaciers trail.....which was horrible. Should have headed over other direction to Devils thumb. Very good scramble up Whyte. Good holds, good rock and fun level of exposer
Mike Eagles 2015/06/14 16:35:25 EDT Reply
Outstandng - Fantastic ! I came here and did the same routes in 1990 and it looks just as it was. My intent is to return there with my family for my 60th if I have got the fitness back,,, Mike Eagles

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