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Mt. Rundle 2949m/9675'

Solo Scramble

Area: Banff National Park
Height gain: 1570m/5151'
Ascent date: Apr 29, 2005
Ascent time: 5:00hrs
Descent time: 2:30hrs
Comment: Easy scramble

Mt. Rundle
Spray River The first green after crossing the Spray River bridge Deer on the trail
(2) Here's the first green after crossing the Spray River bridge. Follow the path on the right of the bridge to a signed fork. Watch out for people yelling FART!
Dragon's Back and the Main summit Central Gully Ascent gully to the summit of Mt. Rundle
(1) The trail is signed throughout and its very long. After finishing the switchbacks to about 1:45hrs, I reached the fork for the First and Main summits. This is also the first opportunity to view the Dragon's Back and the Main summit.
(2) This is the Central Gully. Although it looks possible to shoot straight up, Alan Kane says THIS IS WRONG! The trail crosses the gully and is clearly marked.
(3) The Dragon's Back is in the middle of two gullies. This is the right-hand gully looking up the Main summit. Snow at the scree slope was surprisingly light after driving through a bunch of snow-capped summits in Canmore.
On top of Mt. Rundle Free fall Mt. Rundle Summit Ridge
(1) 5:00hrs all in all, the reward comes to life. Mts. Assiniboine and Temple weren't visible at this time, only the nearby summits like Cascade Mtn.
(2) The cairn was knocked down and the register was also nowhere to be found... maybe it got buried in the snow, or fell off here. It wasn't too cold nor windy but there was no blue sky. After staying for about half an hour, I returned the same way for 2:30hrs.

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