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Mt. St. Piran 2936m/9634'

Scrambling with Alex Ingamells and Evan Spear

Area: Lake Louise Area
Height gain: 900m/2953'
Ascent date: June 16, 2005
Ascent time: 2:30hrs
Descent time: 1:30hrs
Comment: Easy scramble

Mt. St. Piran
Evan at Mirror Lake Mirror Lake Lake Agnes and The Devil's Thumb behind
This is Mirror Lake, part of the wonders you'll see on the way.
The trail follows the Lake Agnes/Tea House route, a very popular tourist destination. Most people... and chipmunks stay and linger around the Tea House to enjoy the treats. We left this congested place after about half an hour of rest.
After passing a little bit of trees, the summit becomes visible Long switchbacks On the summit of Mt. St. Piran
From the Tea House, simply follow the trail to the Little Beehive up to a signed fork on the left. After a little bit of trees, the objective comes to life.
Soon enough, the summit would be within reach. The trail up has a very long and dragging switchbacks.
Cairn on Mt. St. Piran with Mt. Whyte behind Pika Descending Mt. St. Piran
We had a lengthy stay at the summit to enjoy the view and the warm weather. There were still a lot of chipmunks at the top and I had a first glimpse of the pika... that would be a treat for me. This easy scramble took us 2.5hrs up and 1.5hrs down.
Lisa 2013/08/15 14:22:50 EDT Reply
Pika!! so cute...

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