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Mt. Tyrwhitt 2874m/9430'

Scrambling with Ian Cameron, Alex Ingamells, Kristian Whillans, and Evan Spear

Area: The Highwood
Height gain: 650m/2133'
Ascent date: Oct 1, 2004
Ascent time: 4:00hrs
Descent time: 2:00hrs
Comment: Moderate scramble

Mt. Tyrwhitt
Planning to take a different route We ascended this snow capped peak to Mt. Tyrwhitt Mt. Tyrwhitt Ridge
(1) Yes, the trail is right over there what dahell are we doing in here?
(2) We did not follow the proper approach to this ascent. Instead, we gained the first summit visible to the parking lot (snow capped peak) just because we're cruel. Then we just traversed the entire ridge all the way to Mt. Tyrwhitt.
(3) So cruel we had to leave Evan on the ridge seen here, humping his very own cairn... sad.
Here's the final ridge to the summit On Mt. Tyrwhitt's Arch Mt. Tyrwhitt's Arch
(1) Here's the final ridge to the summit. Just below us is the Grizzly Col... the correct approach.
About three quarters up we reached the arch. Too bad Evan was not there to see this.
Ian inside the arch On the summit of Mt. Tyrwhitt Grizzly Col
(2) At the summit. The plan to do a Mt. Pocaterra traverse faded because all we could think of was getting back at Mt. Evan, to be sure Evan has not been eaten by the vulture circling around him for a while.
(3) Here's the Grizzly Col. We took the proper ascent route on our descend.
Mt. Tyrwhitt Ridge Mt. Tyrwhitt Peak Baggers Leaving Mt. Tyrwhitt
(1) When we reached below the ridge where Evan was waiting, we guided him to descend the gully directly below him (center). It was a steep gully and we were all glad that Evan made it down ok.

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