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Mt. Ward 2530m/8300'

Scrambling with Ian Cameron

Area: Crowsnest Pass
Height gain: 625m/2051'
Ascent date: July 15, 2005
Ascent time: 2:00hrs One way
Comment: Easy scramble

Mt. Ward
This scramble is part of a very exciting traverse. We started at Mt. Ward, then a traverse to Allison Peak, and another traverse to Window Mountain, including a visit to the Window itself.
The weather was perfectly gorgeous. Sunny with some clouds and a gentle cool breeze. Our overall roundtrip took 8:30hrs, including a half hour stay on each summit.
Parking access to Mt. Ward Lake on top of the forest Trail around the lake
(1) Parking is pass the second texas gate on Allison Road and turn left at an obvious logging road (unsigned). Large and deep potholes were all over the road.
(2) Follow the road on foot and watch for signage to Window Mountain Lake. The trail narrows and angles right in to the trees just below the lower-right slope of Mt. Ward. The lake is on top of the forest.
(3) Round the lake to the right and continue on to the grassy/rubbly valley to the back side of the mountain. What we did, though was trudge up the rubble all the way up. Treadmilling almost the whole elevation gain was very exhausting. I don't understand why we do this but we keep doing it anyway.
Here's Ian at the summit of Mt. Ward On the summit of Mt. Ward with Allison Peak behind us On the summit of Mt. Ward with The Seven Sisters behind us
(1) Here's Ian at the summit of Mt. Ward, with Crowsnest Mountain and the Seven Sisters in the background.
(2) We reached the summit in 2hrs. The accomplishment and the view was just what we needed. It's good to be on top of the mountain again.
Behind us here was our next journey, Allison Peak.

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