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Mt. Whyte 2983m/9787'

Scrambling with Ian Cameron

Area: Lake Louise Area
Height gain: 1266m/4156'
Ascent date: Aug 12, 2005
Ascent time: 1:00hr From Mt. Niblock
Descent time: 2:30hrs Via the Plain of Six Glaciers trail
Comment: Difficult scramble

Mt. Niblock (right) and Mt. Whyte
This trip is part of an awesome traverse with an exciting finish. We started with Mt. Niblock, then a traverse to Mt. Whyte. The weather was cloudy and cold at first but clear blue sky turned to our favour when we reached the col. Our overall roundtrip took 8:30hrs including lunch at Mt. Whyte, a lengthy stay at Mt. Whyte and an aternate descent via Plain of Six Glaciers.
Ian and Mt. Whyte Looking at Mt. Whyte from the col This is from the top of the gully as Kane suggests
(2) Here's the beginning of the col from Mt. Niblock. Mt. Whyte is visible on the left and the Outlier on the right.
(3) This is from the top of the gully as Kane suggests. We stayed on the right of the gully to avoid the drop, but then it narrows-up at the top. The steps were pretty solid for the most part.
Pinnacles on the ridge On the summit of Mt. Whytel Enjoying the view from the top of Mt. Whyte
(1) The final ridge to the summit consists of these pinnacles. Ian traversed the pinnacles on the left and I went on the right.
1:00hr traverse. The summit was narrow so it was hard for me to find a spot for my tripod. Looking back down below the col, we couldn't figure out how we ascended Niblock. The route looked very steep. Then we doubted the descent, is it really easier and faster to return the same way?
Leaving Mt. Whyte Ian facing a 20-foot drop Ian carefully descending a wall
(2) It looked faster and more direct to descend via Plain of Six Glaciers so we're off. One more step and Ian would've plummeted at about 20' straight down.
(3) This is the back side of the photo #2. First of the many crux we had to pass. Actually, it wasn't all bad. Everytime we thought there might be a drop, Ian would go on the left and I would be on the right. Both ways worked.
Numerous fun downclimb Almost back down to safety Plain of Six Glaciers Trail
(2) After the first crux, the next one up I had a hard time descending was this part. We were close to the Plain of Six Glaciers trail already at this point. People from below kept stopping and staring at us. I felt so uncomfortable, I couldn't focus on my steps.
(3) The hike back to Lake Louise was long but we felt very much at ease after 2:30hrs of long (longer than expected) but fun descent.

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