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Mt. Yamnuska 2240m/7350'

Solo Scramble

Area: Canmore and Bow Valley
Height gain: 900m/2953'
Ascent date: Feb 10, 2004
Ascent time: 4:00hrs
Descent time: 2:00hrs
Comment: Easy scramble

Mt. Yamnuska
Mt. Yamnuska is the first photogenic mountain visible on hwy 1 from Calgary. It is also the first mountain we visited and peaked.
This mountain might just also be the closest to Calgary. And the trail, due to it's popularity is mapped, well signed and easy to follow.
It was the middle of winter when we visited. We took the Hikers Route, aka East to West Traverse. The easiest but longer approach to the summit. After a long hike through the forest, the trail starts entering the east ridge.
I find route finding in winter to be more challenging, especially on snow slopes and unfamiliar ridges. In one of my many detours, I noticed this huge crack which is apparently on every scramblers website. It's a very popular crack.
During our second attempt to reach the summit, the weather was even worst than the first so we had to retreat...again.
I came back about a week after hoping to finish what we've started. The weather again tried to stop me...but since that I was by myself, I said screw it I'm going to the top.
Mt. Yamnuska forest trail Mt. Yamnuska visible from the trail Mt. Yamnuska ridge Mt. Yamnuska crack Final ascent to the summit On the summit of Mt. Yamnuska

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Updated: January 9, 2014 Author: Kajtek S