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Opal Ridge North Peak 2576m/8450'

Scrambling with Ian Cameron

Area: Elbow and Kananaskis Valley
Height gain: 870m/2854'
Ascent date: Mar 4, 2005
Ascent time: 3:00hrs
Descent time: 2:00hrs
Comment: Moderate scramble

Opal Ridge North Peak
We parked at Opal Picnic Area Scrambling to gain the ridge At the ridge
(1) We parked at the Opal Picnic Area. It took us a few minutes to study the way up, then just decided to go straight up from where we parked.
(2) Our chosen route looked really steep from the highway but it was actually bearable. We just had to carefully scale a 5.5 wall though to gain the ridge.
(3) At the ridge, only a few knee-deep snowpatches existed. We didn't encounter anymore difficulties until we reached the north face of the summit.
Scaling some rock walls Approaching the summit On Opal Ridge North Peak
(1) Cairns and trails at this point come and go. Here's an example of one of the walls we had to go climb. I've been having bad feelings the whole time we were on this mountain, including about my jacket I left behind.
(2) After reaching the summit, we hiked farther south to another high point where the summit cairn is parked.
(3) We stayed about half an hour at the top to enjoy a perfectly beautiful day. On our descent we tried to track down the jacket I lost on the way up and we ended up scaling an even awkward wall.
This trip became the scariest scramble I've ever done.

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