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Pika Peak 3053m/10017'

Scrambling with Ian Cameron

Area: Skoki Area
Height gain: 750m/2461'
Ascent date: Sep 8, 2005
Ascent time: 1:45hrs From Mt. Richardson
Comment: Moderate scramble

Pika Peak
Day 1. After arriving at the Hidden Lake Campground (sk5), we immediately unpacked, set-up our camp then, planned the scramble. We started with an ascent to Anthozoan Mountain, then a traverse to Brachiopod Mountain. The approach was a little bit long from sk5 but the scenery along the way was awesome. Our roundtrip camp to camp time took 6:30 hours.

Day 2. Our planned trip for this day was an ascent to Mt. Richardson, a traverse to Pika Peak, and another traverse to Ptarmigan Peak. The weather was not what anybody would want to have on an outing like this. We had a mixture of rain, hale, and snow. Our overall roundtrip time was a very painful 11:15hrs.
Glissading down to the col On our way to bag Pika Peak Consulting our guide book for the route
(1) After passing the cornice on the summit of Mt. Richardson, we had a chance to speed-up our descent down to the Richardson/Pika col.
(2) This is Pika Peak. The elevation gain from this point is not the big issue, only the terrain to the top, which looked quite a challenge.
(3) We stopped at the col and checked the book if there's a trick to scrambling up the ridge
Nice scrambling to the top of Pika Peak On Pika Peak Ian scoping the traverse route to Ptarmigan Peak
(1) But then we just decided to get closer to the ridge and find our own path. The rocks were very solid and rough so no concern of slipping and falling were present. Exposure was pretty minor as well.
(2) We got to the top in 1:45hrs. The snow was starting to fall at this point but nothing too major yet.
(3) About halfway down to the col, I realized I left my ice-axe at the top so I had to go back up and get it. Ian continued down to the col and scoped the traverse to our final objective, Ptarmigan Peak. It was starting to get wet.

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