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Prairie Mountain 2210m/7252'

Hiking with my wife

Area: Elbow and Kananaskis Valley
Height gain: 346m/1135'
Ascent dates: Feb 25, and Apr 2, 2005
Ascent time: 2:00hrs
Descent time: 1:00hr
Comment: Easy hike

Prairie Mountain
Feb 25. The road was closed at this time of year so I had to walk a bit to the trailhead.
The hike up is steep at first then levels then becomes steep again all the way up to the treeline. The trail is well used and very easy to follow. The ridge to the summit is only a five-minute walk, and from there you can immediately enjoy the view. At the top, I had a perfect weather. Sunshine, calm wind, mild temperature, I almost took a nap.
April 2. I came back with my wife because I promised I would take her here.
I wanted her to see what I enjoyed the most in climbing this mountain. A very simple hike, with a very rewarding view.
Prairie Mountain Trailhead Well used trail to the ridge Approaching the summit On top of Prairie Mountain Flag on Prairie Mountain's summit
My wife entering the forest in Prairie Mountain Forest trail My wife on the highest point of Prairie Mountain

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