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Raspberry Ridge 2363m/7751'

Hiking with my wife

Area: Cataract Creek
Height gain: 646m/2119'
Ascent date: Apr 29, 2005
Ascent time: 2:30hrs
Descent time: 1:00hr
Comment: Easy hike

Raspberry Ridge

Trailhead Going through the forest This trail was flooded with yellow flowers
(1) This is the trailhead, west side of hwy940, just a couple of kilometers north of the Cataract Creek Recreation Center.
We hiked on the road for a bit then took the right split (higher road - gated). After this road curves right, a visible narrower trail emerges on the right. This trail enters the forest and heads towards the objective.
The trail splits here to gain the ridge Getting closer to the ridge Last push to the summit
Here's the fork to gain the ridge, either 3.1km (straight), or 1.3km. The shorter route was blocked off by dead branches but the cairn was still in place.
Of course we took the shorter route. We took our time in hiking this mountain because both of us were still in pain from hiking up Mt. Burke the previous day.
Fire Lookout Enjoying the view It was a very nice day on the high point of Raspberry Ridge
The views upon reaching the ridge were breathtaking.
The Fire Lookout was manned at that time and we didn't want to disturb her. We had lunch farther down the heli-pad, enjoyed the view, then went back down.

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