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Snaring River Campground - Jasper National Park
This campground is a bit remote. There were not a lot of people here when we camped, maybe because of the 5km drive off the highway. The sites here are very close to Snaring River, its a very nice place to go at night.
We went to a bunch of lakes during our bike trip here. We biked around Lake Annette, Lake Edith, we also went to visit Jasper Town then to Pyramid Lake hoping to see some grizzlies - we didnt see one.
When we went to visit Maligne Lake, the weather was not very cooperative. We planned to take the boat tour here but the price did not cooperate as well. So we just settled to hike around Maligne Canyon. We hiked for about 4km from trailhead to the 6th bridge.
On the way home, We stopped by Athabasca Falls for lunch.
Snaring River Campground Snaring River Lake Annette We biked around Lake Edith
We visited Pyramid Lake hoping to see some grizzlies Maligne Lake We hiked around Maligne Canyon Athabasca Falls

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Updated: January 9, 2014 Author: Kajtek S