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Storm Mountain 3095m/10154'

Scrambling with Ian Cameron, Alex Ingamells

Area: The Highwood
Height gain: 1050m/3445'
Ascent date: July 8, 2005
Ascent time: Incomplete
Comment: Difficult Scramble

Storm Mountain
We lost the trail here Painful ascent on rubble slope Taking a break to enjoy the view
We parked on the Lost Lemon Mine sign and walked back towards the left of the creek (cairn) to start.
The trail is well used in the beginning, then after losing it in the valley, we started angling up the rubble. Wrong move. I then reminded Ian and myself to resist the urge to ascend any interesting gullies.
Some fun climbing Some fun scrambling Our alternate route through he gully
Well, it's more fun this way so what the hell.
Downclimbing some terrains This is the true summit and the connecting ridge from the south Windy ridge forced us to retreat
(1) Of course some payoffs had to be done for not following the proper trail. This is one of the descents we had to face to get through the jagged thrusts.
(2) This is the true summit and the connecting ridge from the south. It looked possibly dangerous but doable, so we're off.
(3) But then, the wind didn't seem to agree with us. Here's Alex retreating back to the south summit after a continuous hit from the mad man. We'll leave the summit for a safer ascent.
John 2016/08/10 02:20:54 EDT Reply
How do you avoid the thrusts?do you assent further up the valley? I am planning to re-attempt the summit as we got too slowed down on those thrusts last year

From what I remember, you can go farther up the valley and ascend the scree slope there to gain the ridge instead of ascending prematurely like what we did.
You will be bypassing some of the thrusts we had to deal with.
There are steep narrow trails on some parts of the ridge to circumvent the remaining thrusts. I do not remember exactly where though sorry. - Eric - 2016/08/10 22:34:30 EDT

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