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Stuart Knob 2862m/9390'

Scrambling with Ian Cameron

Area: Banff National Park
Height gain: 1373m/4505'
Ascent date: Aug 19, 2005
Ascent time: 4:15hrs One way
Comment: Moderate scramble

Stuart Knob
Ian Cameron first suggested to do Fable and Gap for this Friday's scramble. I thought, since that he's willing to take 11 hours off his time, I talked him into doing a 4-peak traverse in Banff instead.
This Banff trip was originally planned to scramble up Helena Ridge, a traverse to Stuart Knob, a traverse again to TV Peak, then a traverse back to Castle Mountain. I chose to do Castle Mountain last because Rockbound Lake trail would be more appropriate to hike back to the car just in case we lose the sunlight.
I prepared myself and encouraged Ian in the beginning of this trip to focus on finishing four summits, but I was the one who gave up. When I noticed Ian has been constantly waiting for me at the summit (20 mins on TV Peak), I realized I didn't have the energy anymore to continue. I've already used-up my last breath summiting TV Peak but Ian still got a smile on his face. I could charge this to Gap Mountain I did the day before, or to :)_s. Whatever the case might be, it's the reason why we didn't finish-up with Castle Mountain.
On this day we met a couple of scramblers. Chris, on our way to TV Peak and Blair Armstrong, at the summit of Stuart Knob. Blair scrambled up Stuart Knob... on flip-flops, and caught up with us on TV Peak taking a different route... on flip-flops. On our descent, the three of us took the alternate route and Blair led us to some fine bushwacking... not in flip-flops :-(.
Our overall roundtrip took 12:45hrs.
Ian and Stuart Knob Stuart Knob (left) and TV Peak Stuart Knob and the connecting ridge from Helena Ridge
(2) Stuart Knob (left) and TV Peak from the summit of Helena Ridge. Our next target for the day.
(3) Stuart Knob and the connecting ridge from Helena Ridge
The ridge to Stuart Knob is fairly flat and wide Ascent route to Stuart Knob Stuart Knob
The ridge to Stuart Knob is fairly flat and wide. This is the point where we spotted Blair Armstrong. He went to the left of the final ascent, Ian and I went to the right and scrambled up a gully.
This is the gully we used to ascend the summit On highest point of Stuart Knob Leaving Stuart Knob
(1) This is the gully we used to ascend the summit. The summit would be on the left. Ian at this point is already on the summit waiting for me... for the second time.
(2) It took us 1:15hrs to get here from Helena Ridge.
This is Blair. He scrambled a lot back in the days. He educated us about some history and geography of the Canadian Rockies... in flip-flops.
(3) We told Blair our plan for the day and he said he would catch up with us on TV Peak. We descended straight down towards the west ridge of Stuart.

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