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The Wedge 2665m/8743'

Solo Scramble

Area: Elbow and Kananaskis Valley
Height gain: 1100m/3609'
Ascent date: May 13, 2005
Ascent time: Incomplete
Comment: Difficult scramble

The Wedge
The Wedge Pond The Wedge Pond Gully that lead me to the ridge
The Wedge Pond. The trail follows the interpretive trail for a little bit then enters the forest.
(3) I just followed a dry gully at first then it eventually turned into the trail. As I was hiking through the forest I noticed a lot of fresh animal scratches on a lot of trees. It freaked me out the whole time so I kept yelling senselessly.
Above the treeline Unstable snow patch The ridge that stopped me from summitting
Farther up the treeline, the snow got deeper and deeper. I followed a bunch of snowshoe tracks, but of course it didn't stop me from sinking.
Closer to the summit, I had no choice but to cross a scary snow patch. I had to stay close to something, a tree or a big rock so I could attach myself to it just in case the snow starts sliding down.
(3) Here's the ridge to the second summit. It's got a big no-no written all over it.
Unsafe condition of the ridge A sad day for me The ridge back down to the Wedge Pond
I always do what I can to reach the summit, but after a second step on this part of the ridge, I triggered a small slide and it scared the crap out of me. Enough to convince me to turn back.
(3) The ridge back down to safety. The Wedge Pond is visible here on the left of center.

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