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Two Jack Lake Main Campground - Banff National Park
Two Jack Lake Main Campground has very poor privacy. The good news though is they got hot water. Two Jack Lake is very pleasant for swimming, picnicking or for just plain relaxation.
When we visited the neighboring Johnson Lake, it was very busy. There were lots of screaming kids and dogs all over the beach. So we hiked around to the other side of the lake to get some peace, and a little bit of sun. The trail around the lake is a little over 3kms.

For this trip, we also went for a bike trip to Lake Minnewanka. I never thought that the bike trail around the lake would involve rubble slopes and some scree. We had to walk our bike up and down the slope for a few times.
We ditched our bike on the trail for a hike to Aylmer Pass Lookout. We had a gorgeous view of Lake Minnewanka here and also of the towering summits of Mt. Aylmer and Mt. Inglismaldie.
Two Jack Lake Main Campground Two Jack Lake Two Jack Lake Johnson Lake
Mountain goats on the road Lake Minnewanka boat launch Lake Minnewanka Lake Minnewanka from the Aylmer Pass Lookout

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Updated: January 9, 2014 Author: Kajtek S