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Window Mountain 2515m/8250'

Scrambling with Ian Cameron

Area: Crowsnest Pass
Height gain: 671m/2201'
Ascent date: July 15, 2005
Ascent time: 1:00 From Allison Peak
Comment: Difficult scramble

Window Mountain
This scramble is part of a very exciting traverse. We started at Mt. Ward, then a traverse to Allison Peak, and another traverse to Window Mountain, including a visit to the Window itself.
The weather was perfectly gorgeous. Sunny with some clouds and a gentle cool breeze. Our overall roundtrip took 8:30hrs, including a half hour stay on each summit.
Here's the summit ridge to the Window Mountain Fun downward scramble Window Mountain Summit Ridge
(1) Here's the summit ridge to the Window Mountain.
(2) Following the ridge back to the second false summit led us to a very nasty downclimb. Loose rocks, sharp rocks, and a lot of loose and sharp rocks. This downclimb may not be deadly but a fall may very well leave a mark.
On top of Window Mountain Heading down to the window Fun downclimb
(1) We were at the summit after an hour. Allison Peak, the connecting ridge and the horrible downclimb are behind us now.
We couldn't find the register at the summit so we left the Nalgene bottle I found on Mt. Ward.
(2) This is the ridge down to the Window. From Mt. Ward, this ridge looks very exposed... especially the final descent (title photo).
(3) We've been scrambling for hours already so another nasty downclimb didn't seem to bother us anymore.
Ian in the Window Inside the Window View of the Seven Sisters from the window
Now look at the size of that... window. We might have actually stayed an hour here to take a break from the sun, and also to celebrate our best scrambling trip so far.
Rubble descent below the window Heading down to the grassy hill Moose on Window Mountain
For our return trip, we followed the rubble below the window all the way down to the valley. We circled Mt. Ward to the right, and headed towards the grassy hill.
(3) We soon met with a bunch of ATV trails and just followed one back to the road.
Here's a farewell treat from the trio.

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