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How to choose the best spot for pitching your tent

January 28, 2014

The main goal in finding the ideal spot for pitching your tent on your campsite is to get most protection from the elements and maximize privacy.

The ideal spot is:

At least slightly elevated so that when it rains the water won’t pool around your tent. Avoid little dips at all costs. This is the most important feature usually because rain can come even when not forecasted.

Relatively even (no roots or big rocks)

Is between four trees –Find three or four moderately strong trees to which you can secure a tarp. We always pitch a tarp over our tent (when car camping) even though we have a full fly. The tarp protects the tent from rain and falling sap and gives us somewhere to hide in rain while taking our shoes off. In rain, the tarp also collects rain and lets it drip off and pool at least a foot downhill from the tent.

For privacy, we also generally pick a spot that is on the side of the campsite and we also park the car by the entrance.

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Author: Kajtek S