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February 24, 2014

Although eating healthy is an ongoing challenge for me, my kids are very healthy eaters. The first thing most people think of when packing food for camping is convenience and some may assume that there is no way to eat healthy when you are away from your fridge and kitchen. Let me offer some ways how we try to keep convenience and vitamins too.

Minestrone soup plus
One of our favourite quickie meals is minestrone soup plus. We get a big can of minestrone soup and add a can of canned beans (rinsed) and a can of veggies, such as carrots and beans. We rinse the beans to get rid of extra sodium. The soup is also generally high in sodium, but when it’s mixed with extra beans and veggies, that sodium is split up into more servings. Those three cans will feed our family of four.

Whole wheat mac and cheese
For lunch we sometimes make the Kraft whole wheat mac and cheese and supplement it with canned veggies.

Good old fashioned oatmeal
Try the quick cooking or even instant variety.

French fried bread
For a breakfast that has carbohydrates and protein for energy, we dip bread in egg and fry it. I hesitate to call it French toast because we don’t use syrup and French toast traditionalists would not call it that. Instead, we serve it with a touch of jam, apple sauce or cream cheese. It’s still a warm, luxurious breakfast that gives kids energy for the day ahead.

Snack for the beach
For a snack at the beach after hours in the sun nothing beats a watermelon. Bring your big knife and don’t worry about the kids getting all juicy, -- they’ll wash off in the lake!

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Author: Kajtek S