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April 22, 2014

When you take your children camping you present them with a whole new world and they find plenty of ways to occupy themselves. But sometimes they need some accessories to help them get busy. For example, when you need to cook or do the dishes and they want to get busy, or when it’s raining.

For the beach

To make the most of the beach, your kids will love to have some basic sand toys: shovels, sand molds and a bucket. When you’ve forgotten to bring those, some plastic spoons, and plastic containers will do the trick for my kids.

For the tent

For tent or food tent activities (before bedtime or when you’re sick of mosquitos or when it’s raining), bring card games and board games. I personally prefer to stay away from board games with lots of little pieces. I hate losing pieces from sets, but you may be more easygoing about it. A deck of cards is great because you can play several different games. Cards can also double for after bed time activity for adults if the mosquitos chase you away from your fire.


Camping is a wonderful opportunity for kids to see the nature they’re often too busy to see in the city. Brining a magnifying glass and some bug containers (either specially purchased ones or a jar with a lid that has some holes poked in it) will let them study ladybugs, ants, earthworms, snails, small fish, or frogs. A fishing net will help you catch frogs or small fish. Some parks will have organized kids’ activities such as swamp walks to introduce kids to wet wild life. You’ll need rain boots to go walking in the marsh, even if it’s not raining. Crock-style shoes are not recommended for kids, because you don’t really know what they’re stepping in when wading through the marsh.


Biking is a great way to get around the campground. The kids can ride their bikes every time you need to go to the beach or the park store or even the washroom. Not having to drive around helps keep the air clean. And a park is a relatively safe place for the kids to ride independently.

I hope these suggestions will help your kids have an outstanding camping experience and make their camping memories something they will cherish forever. I have some wonderful memories of my early camping experiences and I feel some nostalgia for the simple ways. Camping can definitely bring that to your kids even in this age of technology.

Happy camping.

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Author: Kajtek S