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Camping on French Beach - Juan De Fuca

This campground is our first stop for this trip. We wanted to have a relaxing day first before our long journey to the 47km trail of Juan De Fuca.
Today is the first time my wife has seen the ocean. It is also the first time we've seen a wild seal. It was really an awesome gift.

We hit the trail next.

French Beach
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Picking some snacks First view of the ocean First taste of the ocean French Beach Campground Sunset on French Beach
Sana M 2014/02/28 13:29:07 EST Reply
Hey, I did that trail two years ago! The rain forest is really cool. This is a good alternative to the West Coast Trail, which fills up.
Jonas1213 2013/10/27 14:51:05 EDT Reply
That is one tough trip.

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Updated: January 9, 2014 Author: Kajtek S