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Backpacking in Juan De Fuca - Day 3

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Our campsite on Sombrio Beach Getting cleaned up after a long hike Sunset on Sombrio Beach
Sombrio Beach Campground (west) at KM29. It took us 10hrs for this 20km hike, including breaks and lunch at Chin Beach.
This was our first time camping on sand, and it wasn't pleasant. Nice cushoning though.
Hiking on Sombrio Beach Going back into the forest Cliffside
We left at 1130am. At this point we were considering of finishing the trail for a couple of reasons: First, my stove got sand all over it and had already started malfunctioning. Second, what's another 20km???
Another elevation loss Looks like we could already use a campground at this point Payzant Creek Campground
(3) We reached our next target campground at KM40, Payzant Creek Campground. We had lunch here and finally decide if we wanted to stay one more night or push to the end. What's another 7km???
Nearing the end of our journey Botanical Beach Trailhead - The End Hitch hiking a ride back to China Beach Trailhead
So, we're off. It was a good thing that we decided to go. We met a gentleman at the trail close to the end, and he offered us a ride back to China Beach Campground (our trailhead). This was something that we were hoping for the whole time we were hiking. We were worried about how we could go back to our car. What's hiking 47km back to the car??? That's suicide.
This hike took us 8.5hrs.

Camping on China Beach is next.
Sana M 2014/02/28 13:29:07 EST Reply
Hey, I did that trail two years ago! The rain forest is really cool. This is a good alternative to the West Coast Trail, which fills up.
Jonas1213 2013/10/27 14:51:05 EDT Reply
That is one tough trip.

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Updated: January 9, 2014 Author: Kajtek S