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Backpacking in Juan De Fuca - Day 1

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Kilometer Zero The trail in the beginning is through the forest First suspension bridge
This is KM Zero. This trailhead is by China Beach. There is also a campground here but we chose to camp here at the end of our trip.
The payment is through self registration. This time, we planned to spend four days on the trail so we paid for three nights camping.
The trail in the beginning is through the forest and down towards the beach.
We had a little bit of rain while hiking on the beach Taking a break from the rain Crossing Pat Philip Creek
We started getting a bit of rain when we reached the beach. Not so much fun for hiking here either. We kept sinking in the sand.
Beach Crab Bear Beach Campsite Hanging out in our campsite
Not so bad for KM9. This hike took us 3.5hrs.
Bear Beach Campground is our first camp for this trail. We had a nice site above the sandy area. It was a separate site, with no neighbor and it had excellent privacy. A lot of trees too to have porper bear-proofing.

Day two is next.
Sana M 2014/02/28 13:29:07 EST Reply
Hey, I did that trail two years ago! The rain forest is really cool. This is a good alternative to the West Coast Trail, which fills up.
Jonas1213 2013/10/27 14:51:05 EDT Reply
That is one tough trip.

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Updated: January 9, 2014 Author: Kajtek S