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Chicago, Illinois

We took a 9hr drive from Toronto to Chicago to visit my mom and a few relatives. We took 401 west to Sarnia, Ontario then through Lansing, Michigan. The driving condition in the US isn't different as that of Toronto. Drivers on our way to Chicago were flying on the highways. What I liked there was the speed limit for cars is faster from the trucks'. Signs on the road are very clear and easy to follow.

Sears Tower, Chicago, Illinois Sears Tower, Chicago, Illinois Night view from the Sears Tower, Chicago, Illinois

Our first tour stop was at the Sears Tower. It is one of the tallest structure in the world. It has 110 floors and rises 1725' including the two antennas. Before hitting the elevator, there would first be an 8-minute presentation about the Tower. The elevator ride takes about a minute to the skydeck at 103rd floor and you'll be entertained by a couple of comics on tv while heading up. You'll be so annoyed you'll forget about the ride.
I wouldn't dare to drive to downtown Chicago so we all took the subway. It took us an hour to get to our stop then we walked under a freezing cold weather to the tower. The walk was nice though, lots to see on the way, lots of tall buildings, lots of shops, restaurants, coffee shops - but mostly Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts - no Tim Hortons :(
It was a bit hazy when we got to the observation deck but it cleared up at sunset. The city lights were amazing.

New Year's at Millenium Park, Chicago, Illinois New Year's at Millenium Park, Chicago, Illinois New Year's at Millenium Park, Chicago, Illinois

After the Sears Tower, we had dinner, then we went straight to the Millenium Park for the New Year celebration. I looked-up this particular event on the interweb because I heard that the fireworks are really great. According to my source, the event would start at 10pm. We waited and waited and asked and asked but nobody seem to know about the 10pm start time. A gentleman asked the same police officer I approached about the 10pm but he didn't know about it either. So, we assumed there would be no show until midnight. We walked to a nearby coffee shop to warm up and kill time. After a long cold awaited moment the show starts. My source were right about one thing... the fireworks were great

Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, Illinois Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, Illinois Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, Illinois

This is Shedd Aquarium. It wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be but there were quite a number of different species to look at, especially fishes... I like fishes 'cause they're so delicious.

Updated: January 9, 2014 Author: Kajtek S