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7 all-inclusive days in Cuba

This was our first getaway with our first born. It was in the middle of winter in Canada when we did it, and it was a perfect time to be at the warm sunny beaches of Cuba, well... almost perfect. It was quite windy and cool when we arrived in Varadero. It was not an every-day-is-a-beach-day for us.

My lady in the clear blue water of Varadero
This trip was very organized. Our tour package was informative, and left us no chance to wonder how to take care of the necessities.
For our first day, we drove to Sunwing's pickup lot and we left our car there - and the keys to the staff. A shuttle van then brought a few of us to Pearson Airport to catch our 3hr flight to Varadero.
At the airport in Cuba, our assigned bus driver was already there waiting for us. He confirmed our names and the rest of his passengers, and took us to our assigned hotels. During our 45mins drive from the airport, our bus driver recited a few words and also mentioned that it was his birthday. He then pointed at a jar by the windshield with 'TIP' boldly written on it. It sure made the bus chuckle.
At the hotel, different travel representatives present themselves at the hotel lobby every morning to guide travellers and answer questions. Our all inclusive package included: 3 Meals daily plus snacks; All drinks (domestic beer & cocktails, select international brands). We got high on cappuccino. Our food was not something to brag about, no complains either. It gave us energy and kept us alive. Also included in our package was one dinner at a well presented restaurant (avoiding the word 'fancy').
We liked the hotel and the food. Our hotel was also not very far from the town. We walked there a few times to shop for supplies and also to get to know the place and people a little better.

The beach. Aleks didn't like it. But what did she know she was not even two. Understandably, this was her first time being at the beach and she wouldn't even walk on the sand. Later on though after the initial shock was over, Aleks was enjoying making sand castles and swimming with mommy.
There were also numerous bars at the beach serving free drinks. We drowned ourselves in cappuccino... ok a few glasses of pina colada too.
Our hotel Playa Caleta in Varadero Our bedroom in Playa Caleta Second level lobby of Playa Caleta Bar serving free drinks in Playa Caleta The grounds of Playa Caleta
Beach to the right, lagoon to the left, minigolf course at the back (not shown) Aleks and mommy at the pool
White sandy beach of Varadero White sandy beach of Varadero For a couple of days the wind would really be cool
which made it unpleasant to nap at the beach My baby's first days at the beach Napping and staring at the horizon at the same time Varadero beach from our hotel window

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