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Mekong River by Slow Boat - Laos

The boats had seating capacity of about 60 people plus floor seats for about 20 more. The wooden benches were very uncomfortable so a lot of people ended up sitting/lying on the floor instead. The boats also had a toilet, and a mini store with food and snacks.

Mekong River Boat Capacity, Laos
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Pak Beng is a dinky little town mostly used by tourist as a 1-night rest stop. It has loads of guesthouses, mini marts, a wet market, bars, and restaurants with Lao, Thai, Indian, and Western cuisines. Electricity did shut down there but not at 7pm. It went on and off during the day then it stayed on from 6pm until 10:30pm. There were no ATM machines there nor money changers. Thai Baht and Usd were also widely used.

We woke up the next day to the sound of other travelers getting ready to leave. While having our breakfast at 8am, we noticed a lot of people boarding the boat already. The boarding time for the boat was 9am for a 9:30am departure. But we weren't worried about losing a good seat this time since we already had our names on two of the comfy seats.
Our travel time for this day was 7hrs including 6 short stops for on and off passengers. This ride had more turns and more rocks to dodge, so at times, the boat would tease to collapse. It was a fairly safe ride though and the view of the landscape and villages was very photographic... exactly what this trip was all about.

When we arrived in Luang Phrabang's port, we felt so alone and worried because there were nobody there pushing to rent us their guesthouses or at least offer us a ride. We had to ask if we were in fact in Luang Phrabang. After a couple of confirmations, we walked towards our picked guesthouses. We first went to Jaliyah Guesthouse, but the cheapest double-fan room they could give us was for 60,000Kip ($8Usd), which was way over our budget. Beside Jaliyah was Mixay Guesthouse. We got our room there for 30,000Kip ($4Usd).
After a much needed cold shower, we ran off to catch a show at the Royal Ballet Theatre in the Royal Palace Museum.
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