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Highland Backpacking Trail - Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Provincial Park is the oldest and one of the largest parks in Canada, located approximately 3 and a half hours northeast of Toronto on hwy 60.

For this trip, we went backpacking in the interior using the Highland Backacking Trail. This particular backpacking trail has 19km and 35km loops. Backcountry permits must be obtained and site reservation is highly recommended.

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Algonquin Provincial Park
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Welcome to Algonquin Provincial Park Algonquin Provincial Park KM Zero Highland Backacking Trail
We arrived at around 10am at the park's west gate (km1).
11am. After checking in at Mew Lake Campground, a few minutes drive east of the trail head, we began our journey.
Highland Trailhead Looking over the Mew Lake Lookout
Our first break was at a lookout, looking over the Mew Lake.
Provoking Lake Campground Bear Proofing Provoking Lake
(1) 3pm. Our first camp was at Provoking Lake West. It is fairly small, but has good privacy and easily accessible (and hidden) privy.
(2) We had to hang every single food that we brought with us... even things with pleasing scent like toothpaste, gum etc.
(3) Our site is also close to a very accessible water source, Provoking Lake that is.
We didn't plan on carrying too much water with us here, with a clear lake on every stop. Although, we had to boil the lake water for at least five minutes before consuming.
Head Lake Harness Lake Campground Privey at Harness Lake Campground
We left at 10am the next day and we arrived at Harness Lake at 4pm. Our second camp for the second and third nights of our trip.
This site is huge and has the most gorgeous and peaceful lake.

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Jonas 2015/04/23 20:59:28 EDT Reply
We are planning the same backpacking trip this summer. Your trip report helps a lot with our itinerary.
Ella 2014/02/18 22:12:32 EST Reply
This is one of the best trails in Algonquin. Harness Lake IS beautiful.

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