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Camping in Awenda Provincial Park

This is my boy's first camping experience. It was a little bit chilly during our time of visit so we had to bundle up. It was also the time for aggressive mosquitoes. Our layers helped us a lot from getting eaten.

Awenda Provincial Park welcomes my boy
Since it was cold, we didn't also get a chance to enjoy the water much. We just settled in skipping/throwing rocks, which was also fun for my daughter to do.

Awenda has four nice and clean beaches and our site was close enough to be able to hike there. We chose to drive though because of the babies. Our site was at #318 in Snake Campground. It was fairly close to the tap and showers and the privacy was very good as well.

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One of the four beaches of Awenda My daughter skipping rocks at the beach Kettles Lake in Awenda Provincial Park My boy in all smiles

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Author: Kajtek S