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Camping in Bon Echo Provincial Park

NorthEast of Toronto, my estimated 2-hour trip was actually 3 hours.
Bon Echo Provincial Park is one of my favorite parks. I invited a few of my friends to share the beauty of this natural environment.

Bon Echo Provincial Park
This park has the ever famous Bon Echo Rock. This rock face rises above Mazinaw Lake, one of the deepest lakes in Ontario.

During our first visit here, we managed to do quite a few activities like canoeing and hiking in a bunch of trails. We first canoed to the Mazinaw Rock and hiked up on the Cliff Top Trail to the three lookouts at the high points of the mountain. It had a very nice bird's eye view of the Mazinaw Lake.

After dinner, we went to Joeperry Lake for a nice sunset.

The next day we hiked the Creek Trail to lower Mazinaw Lake. It's only a 2km easy trail. After reaching the lake, it's time for siesta. Enjoy the view, do some breathing exercises, relax, emote.

On day 3, we went to visit the Abes and Essens Trail. This trail has 3 loops of 4, 9 and 17kms. It features five backcountry campsites for backpackers. We only crossed half way of the second loop to experience the trail, just to be part of it.

Click here to view details of all campsites in Bon Echo Provincial Park.

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I like this and KIllarney
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I love this park!

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